Short Form Video

Be Strong Fitness

About: Be Strong Fitness is a premier local gym in Houston, offering group fitness classes and personalized training sessions. With a focus on strength and conditioning, Be Strong provides comprehensive training programs to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Client Objective: Be Strong Fitness sought to enhance its digital footprint by leveraging engaging short-form video content, particularly for Instagram Reels. Merida Advertising was tasked with creating compelling video content to elevate Be Strong Fitness’s social media presence.

Our Approach: We collaborated closely with Be Strong Fitness to bring their vision to life. Our video production services included filming dynamic workouts, expert editing to enhance visual appeal, and delivering captivating video content optimized for Instagram Reels.

Result: The partnership resulted in a series of engaging and impactful videos that resonated with Be Strong Fitness’s audience. The content showcased the gym’s vibrant atmosphere, skilled trainers, and diverse fitness offerings, ultimately enhancing Be Strong Fitness’s online presence.

Experience the Journey: Explore our video portfolio to witness the transformation of Be Strong Fitness’s digital presence through dynamic video content.

Empowerment Light

About: Empowerment Light is a transformative retreat community dedicated to supporting individuals who have experienced sexual trauma on their healing journey. Through connection, healing, and empowerment, Empowerment Light helps individuals transform their deepest wounds into sources of strength.

Client Objective: Empowerment Light sought to enhance its digital presence and offer additional resources for healing through engaging short-form video content. Merida Advertising was tasked with creating impactful videos to complement their website and support visitors on their healing journey.

Our Approach: Collaborating closely with Empowerment Light, we captured and crafted compelling video content aimed at providing valuable resources for individuals navigating their healing process. Our video production services encompassed filming, expert editing, and delivering tailored video content aligned with the client’s vision.

Result: The partnership yielded a series of empowering videos that serve as supplemental resources for Empowerment Light’s website visitors. These videos contribute to a supportive digital environment, offering insights and guidance to aid individuals in their healing journey.

Experience the Journey: Explore our video portfolio to discover the impactful videos created for Empowerment Light, empowering individuals to connect, heal, and transform.